Summer Beauty Begins with Healthy Hair, Skin, & Nails
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Summer Beauty Begins with Healthy Hair, Skin, & Nails

It's shorts and tank top season, but is your beauty care right for summer? I was in the shower when I realized my face wash bottle was empty. I looked over my other products in the rack to see if anything else needed replaced. As I checked, the realization of how much my skin and hair care routine has changed over the years. I also considered how differently we need to care for our hair, skin, and nails in the summer versus winter.We can't treat them the same all year around.

Proper Care Begins on the Inside

Someone complimented me recently by saying how clear my skin looks. My skin wasn't always so clear. Finding out about celiac and food allergies made a huge difference. I used to have what looked like cystic acne in my 30's and 40's. My thought was, "I'm not a teenager anymore!!!!" I tried everything to clear it up. My diet wasn't very good because I was still eating more processed foods with more junk food in the mix. What a very big difference my diet makes!

Our hair and nails are made of similar cells that our bodies produce. They need to be nourished and treated kindly Also, our skin is the largest organ of our bodies. How we feed our bodies will reflect in our skin as well. Chronic inflammation and lack of nutrients from fried, fatty foods, preservatives, and sugar or no nutrition from junk food makes a mess out of your skin, hair, and nails. These are a part of our bodies. What we put inside shows on the outside.

My hair and nails still suffer sometimes. Right now, my hair is thinner. I keep finding bunches of it in our tub drain. My nails are also thin. My thought: where am I getting gluten? Am I getting the right proteins? So I begin scrutinizing my food to fix the problem. Our hair and nails are a great indicator for the health of the rest of our bodies. If they aren't healthy, chances your body isn't either.

Great Summer Care from the Outside

As I said before, my regimen has changed a lot over the years. I used to use Suave, VO5, and White Rain products because our young family didn't have the funds. Also, I was used to living like that growing up. Those products really aren't designed for good skin and hair health. They strip out the healthy oils, leaving them dried out and chemically treated much like junk food, from the outside. Good products work with the beneficial oils you already have while they condition and nourish them.

If you are looking for quality products for your skin, hair, and nails, here is what I use. Although they cost a bit more initially, they last a long time. No, I'm not being paid to promote these products; instead, I am sharing these to help you if you are looking for quality products.


When I visited my older daughter last year, she had these big bottles of Everyone products. They were $10 each and everyone in the family used them. These products also lasted a long time! A longer time for the same price as some of the other products I used equaled a big savings. Cha-ching! So, when I looked for them, I discovered another brand as well, Everyday. I prefer using shea butter instead of coconut all the time to reduce sensitivities, so I switch back and forth. I was also happy I can use the shampoo as body wash. I tried Maui before and loved it, but it was $7.99 for 13 ounces compared to $10 for 32 ounces. Big price difference per ounce!They leave my hair clean because they strip off styling products while they replenish moisture.

I don't use many of the styling products on the market because of the hidden gluten, alcohols, and scents that make me break out. Since my hair is fine, but frizzes, I use Untie the Knot at $8 on sale. One small bit on my hands, rubbed around, then worked into the ends of my hair does the trick! It lasts a really long time, around 5 to 6 months. I discovered Reflex on my hunt for a styling product that didn't cause serious eczema. I gave away the duds to people who used them. $$$$$. Sigh. When I found Reflex, I was thrilled! It works like a styling gel that also protects my hair from the heat of a curling iron. It costs more, $12 on sale, but I replace it after around six months.I rarely ever use hair spray.

I don't color my hair because I'm allergic to PPD and derivatives of it. Most dark and reddish hair color contains it. Even if the company says it doesn't contain PPD, it will have a derivative. I tried one that really didn't have it, but it had poor coverage of greys. It was also a nuisance to use. My family likes the silvery white hair, so I'm fine with it the way it is. Check for a different blogger about this product.


I love Everyone Face! It doesn't irritate my skin like Cetaphil, Simple, and Basis. PHisoderm dried out my skin. Simple and Neutrogena aren't guaranteed gluten-free. Also, just because a product is "natural" doesn't make it safe for allergy-prone people like me. They often contain soy, milk, and wheat derivatives as well as essential oils which can irritate some sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin, be careful! I use the scrubby to exfoliate when I wash my face. If you want a great face wipe for on the go, Everyone has them in a huge pack for $6.99 in most stores. Oh, Bed, Bath, and Beyond carries Everyone products, so I sometimes use my 20% off coupon to get it!

I still use some Mineral Fusion, but unless it's on sale, Everyone Face wins my vote. The SPF 40 moisturizer is zinc oxide based and great to wear under make-up. The two color products by Pacifica are great to smooth out skin tone for a fresh face look.

My make-up, which I don't wear more than twice a week, is simple. I use Mineral Fusion for some of it, although they are beginning to use some wheat products in their ingredients and some soy. Pacifica is great, but costs a bit more unless I find it on sale. Another company I love for cosmetics is Honeybee Gardens. None of the stores here carry them, though. I love their lipstick! I am still using my Rimmel blush, but I'm ready to replace it soon. One thing I do to keep my liquids and creams longer by putting them in the refrigerator. Since we don't use butter, I put them in that compartment of the fridge to protect them from food contamination. Never leave them in a hot car!

I wash my make-up brushes with Everyone Face Wash and let dry in a cup bristles up smoothed out. This re-conditions the bristles as well.

I found the Buzzy Bee Lip Balm which I use every day in Greeley, Colorado where the product is made. When I was in TSC, Tractor Supply Company, I saw Chicken Poop Lip Balm. Ugh! I can't bring myself to try it. NOPE.


I still use some Lever brand body washes, but I've been using the Everyone and Everyday shampoo as body wash, too. I use the Everyone and Everyday body lotions in the summer because they are lighter. I definitely use 365 brand Everyday Shea Butter lotion in the winter because it is thicker and keeps my skin from drying out.


If you are going to wear sandals, TAKE CARE OF YOUR FEET!I sometimes see women with huge, crusty callouses on their heels in sandals. It looks really bad, and I see the potential for fungal infections. This foot file is great to keep callouses under control. I love it and it doesn't cost a fortune like some of the other foot gadgets. I also have a foot scrub I make with epsom salts, olive oil, and peppermint and tea tree oil. It is great in the winter to use once a week, but you can use it in the summer, too. I keep it in a jar like the foot cream below.

I have a bottle of 365 Max Moisture lotion in the pic. What I do is put some in a jar, add a few drops of tea tree oil and peppermint oil to keep down foot odors and fungus. No stink! This lotion is thick and creamy. I normally use this lotion (without the essential oils) on my body in the winter. A little bit goes a long way!

Nails and Hands

I complained to my hubby a few weeks ago about not being able to have the time to put nail polish on. He asked, "Why bother?" Men! At any rate, I put clear on them the other day and was thrilled! I use Mineral Fusion because it nourishes my nails and lasts several days. Sally Hansen literally etched ruts in my nails on my wedding day three years ago, so I stopped using it altogether. I refuse to go to a nail salon for someone to damage my nails then put fake ones on top! Why would I pay good money for someone to ruin my already thin nails???

Since I deal with hair loss and thin nails, I use supplements. The Nature Made is what I use on a regular basis. The one by Walgreens is their generic of Nordic Sheer Volume. This is what I am using right now. It helps grow hair back and thicken it quicker, but costs more than the one I use for maintenance. Keep this in mind: People with celiac disease often have white hair sooner and lose hair, with thin, brittle nails because of the damage to their small intestines, where the majority of our nutrients are absorbed. My doctor okayed these for me. NOTE: Check with your doctor before you take supplements of any kind to make sure they are safe for you.

As a mid-life tweener, I've noticed hands show age sooner. Oh, well. But I take care of my hands anyway. I use them a lot in the garden, helping my hubby with the house, cleaning, etc. My go-to hand washes are by 365 brand from Whole Foods. One is a foaming pump, unscented so my hubby doesn't feel "girl-ified". I keep it in the bathroom. The other one is a regular pump I keep at the kitchen sink, with a scent I like. They have come a long way with scents, by the way. I love their Gingerbread scent at Christmas! These contain oils that condition hands. I use the 365 Max Moisture hand cream which I keep in my purse. If you want a great hand sanitizer, even though I don't have it pictured, 365 has them in lavender, cucumber, and citrus. They do the job, smell great, and don't dry my hands out. All of them are safe for me. I accidentally caused mouth sores for myself using some of the popular hand sanitizers because they contain Vitamin E, which is usually derived from wheat, they contain gluten. If you have celiac or gluten-sensitivity, it is imperative to use gluten-free products on your hands and face.


There is a lot of hype right now about sunscreen causing cancer. I have to tell you, I had some friends, yes HAD, who died from melanoma. My hubby had a pre-cancerous spot removed last year. Please, if you grew up in the 60's and 70's, get a spot check at your next medical check up! I think the risk of using sunscreen is better than the consequences of not using it.

I have to say, I'm embarrassed that I don't have the full-size bottles of sunscreen in the pics! I accidentally left them at the house, where I use it most often. However, I do have some sample sizes I keep in my purse. I found Hawaiian Tropic and Banana Boat are safe for me as well as Neutrogena. If you want a natural sunscreen, Kiss My Face is fantastic! I use the one for faces because it doesn't run in my eyes. If I'm wearing make-up, I use Mineral Fusion SPF 30 face powder. For my lips, I use Badger, which is gluten-free. Kiss My Face has one, but I can't get it here. If you are skiddish about the cancer-thing with sunscreen, try the ones with a zinc oxide base. You have to warm it up in your hands for a while before you apply it, though, so you don't have white streaks all over.

By the way, that green spray can is Herbal Armor, a deet-free mosquito and tick repellent. It works wonderfully and smells great! I tried a different brand and couldn't stand the smell. UGH! It also made my eyes water. Even though this isn't related to skin care, it is related to summer care. Avoid all those nasty diseases from bugs by using a good repellent.

Good looking healthy  skin, hair, and nails need nourished from the inside and treated well from the outside. You don't have to break the bank to do it, either. I hope this helps you, especially if you need products that are gluten-free or for sensitive skin. Check with the company to make sure it is still safe for you to use, because they often change to avoid raising their prices.

What is your favorite skin, nail, or hair product? Feel free to comment below. May God bless you!

All images are mine.

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Hair Clinic in Surat on Thursday, August 10, 2017 8:42 AM
This is an informative blog, it includes useful and valuable information regarding hair care. Thanks for sharing the useful and great post.
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