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An Audience of One

Scripture Passage: 2 Corinthians 9:1-5, 12-15

Focus Verses: Hebrews 13:15-16
My children loved dressing up to perform short skits they made up just for my husband and me when they were very young. Their little feet in old, cast off dress shoes and their little preschoolers’ bodies in our old clothes worn to church long ago as they awkwardly clunked and stumbled into the middle of our living room, their makeshift stage. With a glimmer in their eyes and giggles, they whispered to each other, then suddenly they "became" the characters they crafted together. We couldn’t help but smile.They giggled and tugged on their clothing as they quickly blurted out their lines, looking for loving approval of the performance they designed just for us. Then they bowed as we clapped and said how wonderful their skit was. Some of their private living room performances included music on a toy flute or trumpet. Even though their offerings to us were far from polished, they did it out of love looking to us for our acceptance of their offering. What mattered is the sacrifice of love they offered us. (image found at .love on we heart it @imagefav)

Later, as teens, they helped us with worship in a tiny church we served for around nine years. There weren’t many more in the congregation than our family of five, so there was no glamour in the “performance” part of leading worship. Our daughters sang as their dad played his guitar with midi-files of worship music. Our son worked the sound system. Sometimes, I was involved as well. Our offerings to the Lord, while inviting the congregation to join in our performance for One, was almost as awkward for Him as our children's performance was for us years before. I know we often felt awkward. What mattered was our love for our Heavenly Daddy, God Almighty, poured out as a fragrant offering before Him. He showed up for our offering of worship as His presence filled the room. I imagine Him lovingly smile with approval as we sang.

I was reminded recently of this fact as I lay on the couch with a big flare from autoimmune disease and allergies. When I feel like this, my brain and my fingers are not always willing to work together to make something very beautiful. My offering of words hardly seemed worth anything from my viewpoint. I wasn’t all that thrilled with what was on the screen, so I worked more on it. I thought, “Okay, this will have to do.” With a sigh, I hit SEND for the email with my writing attached. Later, I got an email back from the recipient saying that it was perfect and how incredibly faithful God is. Evidently, my Heavenly Daddy was pleased, even though I was not so impressed. He helped me by making it exactly what someone else needed that moment. Even when I try to do my best, when I clunk around and stumble to do something for Him, He is pleased. The response to my email was like having His hug around me that day.

What about you? Who is your audience for what you do? Do you offer your best and feel it’s hardly worth anything? Whether it falls flat by human standards or rises like cream to the top of all the others, if you offer what you do to God, our Heavenly Daddy, something you know He will love because you love Him He will be pleased. Even the very best work is like a child’s performance in light of His holy perfection. Our service for the Lord is hardly polished from a heavenly perspective, but we perform for an audience of One. The Holy One. God loves us and graciously accepts our offerings of the talent He bestowed upon us that we lift up to Him is a fragrant aroma pleasing to Him.

May God bless you!

I found myself worshipping the Lord sensing His Presence filling the room where I sat writing this. Here are links to the praise songs I was listening to at the time. May you be blessed by them!

Heart of Worship by Matt Redman

10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman

Beautiful Things by Gungor

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