End of Week Review 1/20/2017
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End of Week Review 1/20/2017

This rock wall picture reminds me how hard disease management is. My first husband and I took a cruise to Bermuda, our self-made "make a wish" trip for him. While on board the ship, I found my nemesis: a rock wall. I wanted to climb it, so I waited my turn in line. I put on the required helmet, shoes, and harness anxiously plotting my course upward. The belay instructor clipped the cable to the loop on the front of the harness, giving it a final tug to check if it was securely fastened. With my heart pounding out of my chest, I took hold of one colored "rock" protruding out and stepped on another to begin my climb. I kept looking up as I went because of my horrible fear of heights. Part way up my hands no longer wanted to grip. They shook and felt like hot, tingly sausages. My legs quivered. I had to stop, so I asked the instructor to let me down. He looked up and shouted in a strong foreign accent, "You can do it!" I knew I could not. When he realized I meant it, he carefully reeled out the cable to let me down like an exhausted spider from it's web spinning venture.

The very next day, I went back to try again. Again I had to ask to be lowered down before reaching my goal. My hubby consoled me, "Try again tomorrow. I will cheer you on no matter what". At least I wouldn't splat on the deck if I fell! Day Three, I stood at the base feeling ambivalent as the instructor hooked me up. "I CAN DO THIS!" I said to myself. This patient instructor looked at me with a grin, "YOU CAN DO THIS!" My hands nearly quit as I neared the bell at the top. In a last ditch effort I pushed upward with my foot and stretched my had up for the bell to quickly grab it, "CLANG!" Applause and cheers from below confirmed the fact I had succeeded in spite of the arthritis in my hands and the effects of fibromyalgia that made my hands want to stop working. I did it.

Reaching goals is tough for some people. When individuals are trying to improve their lives, they need encouragement. Cheering someone on can often make the difference in a person's success or failure. Are you struggling with yours? It doesn't matter what you've done or not done in the past. It matters what you do today. Let go of what you can't change; take hold of what you can change. We are here to cheer you on!

The value of good health is near and dear to my heart. Many family members have health conditions they live with every day. Some are diseases from lifestyle choices they didn't know were caused by their own decisions, or they thought were the fate of being born into a family with those conditions. Others of us have health conditions which no one really knows why we get them. We work hard to manage every day. So, while people flock to the gyms to burn off the tell-tale signs of holiday indulgences, I can't help to wonder if being the "gerbil in the wheel" is helping them ward off disease or if it's all about image. Even those with chronic illness due to lifestyle choices can redeem the time by making wiser choices now. We can't reverse the damage in most cases, but we can improve the outcome for our future. One thing I know this: a healthy body is an attractive body; a healthy body is an effective body. If we effectively manage our health, we are more attractive, more alert, happier, lighter on our feet, while we enjoy a longer, more productive life.


Healthy Lifestyles is underway in our live groups. I am excited to see how God works through these ladies. We had a false start with the online group, so we will try again. The online group begins February 9, Thursdays, at 12 noon for 12 weeks. I've discounted the price to $40. The venue is already set, so we might as well use it! To register, go to the Healthy Lifestyles page.

We no longer have the Amazon Affiliate account. You will see the absence of that portion of our store and some of the ads on our website. We will begin carrying some more products in our Totally Fit 4 Life store. I will keep a small inventory, meaning the products you order I might have in stock. If not, they will need to be special ordered. The money we earn goes right back into the operation of Totally Fit 4 Life. Thank you in advance for your support!

In Case You Missed Them

Exercise Tip: The Curtsy Lunge

Okay. When in the world did you ever curtsy? Well, now you have a reason! The curtsy lunge firms up all around your thighs and gluts while building a bit of balance and grace.

  1. Stand with your feet hip width apart, slide on foot back and across the midline.
  2. Bend your knees with the back knee dropping toward the floor without actually touching the floor.
  3. The front knee should be behind your toes.
  4. Return the back foot to the starting position.

To add challenges, hold hand weights, a weighted ball, or wear a weighted vest. You can also do double duty by adding a torso twist. Hold your hands out in front with arms straight. As you step back, turn from the torso sweeping arms over the top of front knee, then return to the start position.Alternate sides. Image from www.popsugar.com.

Food Tip: Reduce Calories, Amp Up Flavor!

Eating healthier brings images of chomping on celery and carrots.God didn't make you a rabbit, did He? Raw veggies are great and healthy, but did you know you can have delicious dishes with the calories slashed? One tip I've got for you today is to replace boxed or frozen dinners like Hamburger Helper, boxed rice dishes, or Lean Cuisines by making it yourself. Boil your rice or whole grain pasta in low sodium broth. Don't drain or rinse. Add seasonings like Mrs. Dash, fresh or frozen veggies and cooked low-fat meat. If you use an instant rice, you cut down the carbs. You can also substitute quinoa for even better nutrition.The flavor is great. beats the boxes any day!

Let us know how we can pray for you. Send your requests to totallyfit63@gmail.com.
Have a blessed weekend!

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