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Hop Off the Diet Merry-Go-Round!

Weight loss is a very profitable industry. In 2012, Americans spent $20 billion- yes, BILLION- on weight loss books, drugs, and surgeries. (ABC News, 2012) We could end world hunger for that chunk of cash! So many people feel desperate to lose weight, 108 million Americans, as a matter of fact. When they finish the  time for the program or plan, they put it all back on plus more! Americans cycle through about 4 different plans each year (ABC, 2012) So, they hop back onto the weight loss merry-go-round again.Why? There are a host of reasons why they are caught in the weight loss trap:

1. We are an addictive society. Pre-processed foods and stress are very addictive. We have also adopted technology into our leisure time, so we sit for hours playing games and interacting on social media. We rush through life and crash at the end of the day. This, too, is addictive.
2. We want to look good without changing our behavior. We've bought into the lie that we need to look sexy, young, and perfect which are all self-centered attitudes. We also don't want to give up our addictions to food and instant gratification.
3. We have not mastered the art of self-discipline as a nation. The entitlement mentality has bred a lack of self-regulating We don't know how to police our own behaviors to do what we should when we should.
4. We have not learned the value of waiting for what is best, The weight loss industry plays on this fact to hook people into spending an outrageous sum of money for quick fixes that don't last.We settle for not so great to get what we want instantly, only to learn it's temporary.
5. We live such hectic, stressful lifestyles that we dine in the fast food lane and have no time and energy for exercise. When we hop in the car and rush to work, then rush to pick up kids, then rush to activities, we feel like we have done a lot of activity because of the adrenaline rush with movement from one place to another. but all we did sit down and drive our cars. We were not physically active. While we've rushed around, we grabbed a meal to go that has a day's worth of calories with little nutrition.
6. Diets are a short-term fix for a long-term problem.We are stuck on a diet merry-go-round cycle with no idea how to get off. Because we have not learned how to live a healthy lifestyle as children, we don't know how to begin. What's worse, we are teaching our children and grandchildren a deadly lifestyle.

The good news is we can get off, and keep it off, if we want to live long, happy lives. The solution to the problem is learning to now live a healthy lifestyle. It's really simple, but eludes most people. When I've presented a healthy lifestyle plan to someone who has lived the diet merry-go-round, they are usually skeptical at first. As they overcome the initial "withdrawal" effects and feel better, they adopt the short-term diet mentality again after 6-8 weeks. The ones who stick with it past that time find so much freedom and absolutely love it. The caveat: when they encounter a setback, they go back to living the old way again. They thought they are finished, but needed to learn to problem-solve through setbacks. A total mindset change has to take place for a healthy lifestyle to stick.

A person who lives a healthy lifestyle is a resilient person who knows what they want and need, then succeeds. These are some of the practices of healthy lifestyle people:

  • Choose fresh, nutrient-packed, low-calorie foods,
  • Exercise and incorporate physical activity daily, 
  • Maintain a positive mental outlook on life.
  • Trust God even when circumstances look bleak.
  • Live a self-disciplined life.
  • Surround themselves with healthy, positive people with a similar worldview.
  • Bounce back quickly when setbacks arise.
  • Set an upbeat mood with the people around them.

You can get off the diet merry-go-round and get on board with a healthy lifestyle you can live with for a lifetime. Living a healthy lifestyle is a long-term solution with a lifetime of benefits. We all hear about these benefits in general, but since you are here looking for a solution to your problem, I will put them out for you to consider:

  1. Increased energy
  2. Better quality sleep
  3. Better health outcomes
  4. Improved mood
  5. Mental clarity
  6. Satisfaction with life
  7. More satisfying relationships
  8. Abundant blessings of a great relationship with God
  9. Balanced finances
  10. Contentment with self

Seriously,a healthy lifestyle costs way less money and is really easy to do. It takes 12 weeks to break a bad habit, 6 months to build a good habit, and 12 months to turn that good habit into a lifestyle. In other words, it would only take one year to develop a healthy lifestyle for a lifetime. There is no quick fix that will give you these results.Who wouldn't want to live like this?

Healthy Lifestyle groups begin in September. I would encourage you to give one a try. Not only will you lose weight and improve your health, you will learn how to troubleshoot problems when setbacks arise. There are three different stages, all very affordable. It is designed for busy people and family friendly.  This program is designed for you to not have to come back when you finish!  The majority of people I've worked with over the years who stayed with me to learn  troubleshooting setbacks. They don't come back because they regressed, but because they want to say, "Thank you!"  In fact, my personal training clients have usually chosen to stay with me for two years to happily graduate! I enjoy working myself out of a job! There is no vested interest here to put you on another merry-go-round. All that you pay for are the materials and expenses the program cost to help you reach and maintain your goals. Let's drop those statistics I mentioned in the beginning. Hop off that merry-go-round!


  1. 100 Million Dieters, $20 Billion: The Weight-Loss Industry by the Numbers, ABC News May 8, 2012 http://abcnews.go.com/Health/100-million-dieters-20-billion-weight-loss-industry/story?id=16297197
  2. Quick Weight Loss or Quackery? WebMD. http://www.webmd.com/diet/avoiding-quick-weight-loss-gimicks

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