Singing the Wedding Blues? Get Fit for the Day!
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Singing the Wedding Blues? Get Fit for the Day!

He proposed.  You said, "YES!" Now the wedding planning has begun! One of the first things most brides do is shop for The Dress. At first, it's fun, but later, it can be very frustrating. You want a dress in your size and the consultant pulls out one 2 sizes bigger-- only to find fits! UGH! This is the time most brides hit the gym, hire a personal trainer, or join a boot camp class. Is this you? Fear not! Help is here.

As a personal trainer, when a bride approaches me about weight loss, I ask when for her wedding date. Why? If it is less than 3 months away, be prepared for disappointment. Most brides who want to lose weight at that point usually need to lose 20+ pounds to be at their goal by the Big Day. Another Why? This happens because they usually don't exercise at all or not regularly. Their weight is up because they love certain foods and don't want to give them up. Not all is lost!

Here are some ideas for you to be ready to shine

  1. The wedding is about BOTH of you as a couple. Even if you had to wear rags to say, "I do", he would probably still marry you. It's not about the dress, how you look, nor having the fairy tale wedding. If you go into it with the "Us" mindset, all will be well.
  2. When you decide to lose weight, do it for him, not just yourself. Do it because you want to give him a beautiful gift to unwrap on your wedding night plus many, many more, not to look good on the beach in the Caribbean. It should be a lifestyle change.
  3. The ideal time to be engaged is at least 1 year from the date. As soon as you accept his proposal, start your weight loss plan. Hire a trainer to meet together for the first 6 weeks so you can learn a new program and he or she can tweek it for you. Meet monthly or bi-weekly to have changes made to keep up the fat burn. You may also consider going through a series of HIIT or Tabatta classes blended in with your personalized program, if you have more than 20 pounds to lose.
  4. At 6 months out, you can easily lose 20 pounds, if that is what you need. The twist comes in with special events and holidays that derail your plans. If you are starting now, be very self-disciplined. Engage your Will Power and tell your Won't Power to take a hike! Hire a personal trainer or get into a class where you feel challenged, but not like you are dying. Every month, try a different type of class or group personal training. HIIT, Tabatta, or Rest-based training would be great as long as you have been working out already. If not, try a beginner HIIT class, Water exercise class like TurboBlast, or Rest-based training.
  5. At 3 months out, you are trying to hurry during the most stressful time of wedding planning. If you tend to stress or comfort eat, plan to lose 10 pounds, and tone up. You have 12 weeks allowing 1 pound per week to melt off. One of my favorite venues for someone in this situation is a beginners' HIIT training class or a rest-based class. Why?This type of training is designed to melt off unwanted pounds and reduce stress. The caveat is most brides at this point have not been working out or do so moderately. HIIT can cause injuries because you will be learning new moves and trying to keep up with the fast pace of the class. Rest-based training is ideal because anyone can do it, it is very challenging, but you don't have to keep up with everyone else. In fact, you are told, "Work as long as you can. When you can't, rest. Rest until you can go again."
  6. Success comes with support! Have your Maid-of-Honor join you in exercise, but be willing pay for her cost so she can join you. Chances are she is already putting out quite a chunk of change to help you get ready for your Big Day. Invite the Bride's Maids to join in, but let them pay for their own. They may be helping, but not to the degree your Maid-of-Honor will. 


  1. Get out of the fast food lane! Make healthy eating your lifestyle. Since it is about "Us", not about "Me", eating healthy keeps you healthy for your Sweetie.
  2. Pack healthy, low calorie lunches. Instead of picking up a lean freezer meal that is loaded with sodium and sugar, opt a large salad with lean lunch meat, low fat cheese, with rice cakes and an apple. You can switch it up. Keep carbs low, meat lean, and plenty of green.
  3. Flip the meals. Make your lunch the larger meal, dinner the smaller meal. Fuel your body for the more demanding part of your day, lighten up for your low energy time.
  4. No meal skipping. Fasting cheats your body of needed nutrients and slows your metabolism. When you do eat, you will be so hungry you will overeat. Simply lighten up with your food. 
  5. Watch out for foods that bloat you. If cheese and pepperoni pizza causes you to be gassy and run for the potty, it's causing a sensitivity reaction. Simply put, you are hurting yourself. The week of your wedding, watch out for cabbage, cauliflower, and other foods that cause mild gasiness so you can fit into your dress easily.
  6. Learn to love your fruits and veggies naked. Raw and steamed veggies have fantastic flavor on their own. If you've never eaten them au naturale, they might seem bland at the beginning because you are used to the sauces and dips. Reducing the number of condiments in your day can easily slash 50-100 calories each day!
  7. No, no, no to high calorie drinks! They are not your friends. Sweet tea may be clear, but it's loaded with sugar. Iced coffee has quite a bit of sugar and fat. Water, black coffee, plain tea are best. If you want some sweetener, try using Stevia instead.

Brides always find themselves stressed and on tight schedules in the last 3 months. Get some good sleep and take some time out to de-stress by giving your worries to God. He's got it for you!

Make this a beautiful beginning to a lifelong practice. Losing weight is only one part of being healthy and happy. If both you and your groom make lifestyle changes, you will indeed live happily together!
May God bless you!

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