Do You See What God Sees?
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Do You See What God Sees?

What if we could see what God sees? Would we be scared? Bored? Amazed?  I suppose it depends on what we look at when we see what He sees. What if we could see ourselves as God sees us? Would we be ashamed or awestruck? Would we be disgusted or proud? That depends on when He looks at us, I suppose. We don't always look our best or be on our best behavior all the time. Yet God sees us in all those moments of time. What does He see?

I saw a man at the grocery store yesterday who wore his heart on his clothing. He was a tall, slender 40-something man in a tan trench coat with a tan weight belt around his waist, a stocking hat, and headphones (or hearing protection). It was a lovely 64 degree Fahrenheit outside! There were words on his clothing: "Hell is Hot!", "The wages of sin is death", and several other condemning messages. He looked like an angry man as he stalked his way through the aisles. After the initial shock wore off, I paid for my groceries then drove over to the gas pumps of the grocery store. As I waited for the pump to finish filling my gas tank, the man walked all the way across the parking lot to the very back spaces. He got into a mini-van with "Repent with Jesus & KJV" on a sign attached to the top and fake flames jutting up from it.  "Life begins in the womb" with a reference to Luke 1:41-44 was on the side door.  Other messages were plastered on the other side of his vehicle. I was astonished with this whole scene. What happened that caused him to be so angry? How does he view God?  Himself?  Others? Hell is a real place where those who refuse to accept the free gift of salvation will go, but God offers eternal life to everyone of us. He never arm-twists or manipulates anyone into Heaven. I see a very different perspective of the Gospel message in the Bible.

I remember, as a young adult working in a local discount store in Columbus, seeing a new rack of women's shirts, I went over to look at them on my break considering whether to buy one or two of them. Shock hit me as I looked through the rack. Every one of them had box knife slashes and dirt on them! My shopping quickly turned into concern. The department manager was glad I brought this problem to her attention. She promptly had someone remove them from the sales floor. When I got home that night, I told my husband I felt like those shirts- damaged goods. You see, a lot of things happened to me in my life to that point, I felt like he got a damaged bride. I could not see myself as God sees me until several years later I read, "You are Special" by the Divine Word Center. It was then John 3:16-17 became real to me.

If we could see ourselves through the cleansing blood of Jesus Christ, the way God views those whose faith is in the salvation Jesus gives, we would see a totally different person. When we align our view of ourselves with God's Word, our relationship with Him becomes richer, our relationships with others grows deeper, and the appreciation of our purpose on Earth becomes clear. We are no longer enslaved to addiction to food. We no longer feel the need to look perfect, be thin, nor win people's approval. Confidence builds us up appearing as a beautiful garment for our soul. We love the Lord so much we serve Him by loving others. Healthy living becomes our normal way of life. We are a Child of the King! Can you see yourself through God's eyes? What do you see? "More Beautiful You" by Johnny Diaz really speaks to this.

Since I am unable to find my copy of "You are Special" by the Divine Word Center from so long ago, I adapted what I could remember to write my own version. You can read it below. Feel free to put your name in it. If you know Jesus as your Savior, ask Him to open your eyes and your heart to see in yourself what He sees in you. Write out all of the positive qualities God has given you.Use them for His glory!

If you have never accepted Jesus as your Savior, please take the time to pray to accept His gift of salvation. The stains of sin can only be washed away by the blood Jesus shed for you. He loves you so much and wants a relationship with you. He doesn't arm twist or manipulate anyone to accept His gift, it becomes yours when you take it for yourself. The Creator of the Universe loves YOU!

When you look in the mirror, what do you see?

Do you see your smile the way He sees it?

Do you see the eyes He made for you to see the world the world as you do?

Do you see the love in how He uniquely fashioned you?

Do you see yourself through His lens of love and grace?

It’s the only way to see the truth about Whose you are.

May God bless you!

I would love to heart from you. Feel free to contact me through the comment section or I will only post your comment if you give me permission to post it.

You Are Special


You are special. There is no one like you.

No one has your eyes or your smile,

Your laugh, your walk, your sigh,

No is exactly like you.

You are a masterpiece.


You are special. There is no one quite like you.

No one else has your combination of gifts or talents, likes or dislikes.

No one else see things quite the way you do.

You are a symphony.


You are special. There is not one other person on Earth like you.

No one else in the world has all of your great qualities.

No one in history has your combination of personality traits, thoughts, or opinions.

You are unique, a one-of-a-kind design.


When God made you, He gave you His stamp of approval.

He said, “It is good.” And “I love you.”

Although you may make Him sad and even angry,

Because of your sin, He has redeemed you. You are His.

Because you accepted His gift of love,

He calls you, “My child.”

You are special.

There is only one you, beautifully, marvelously  fashioned

By the One who loves us so much.

You are special. You are His.

~Charlaine Martin 
May 17, 2016

 Adapted from You are Special, a handout from the Divine Word Center. I am unable to find the original writing.

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