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From the Desk of Charlaine: What a Week!

As most of you know, my computer locked up. I couldn’t do anything on it. I was all set with my coffee and breakfast to finish the End of Week Review and post the Bible Verse of the Day on social media. It booted up as usual, but most of the icons were missing. To keep from boring you with details, I decided that if I couldn’t use my computer, the best I could do was use my smart phone. Easier said than done, but I got something up for you.Thank you for being so patient!

The story actually began last Friday, though, as the title implies. My hubby’s car broke down in the early morning. I had to throw my coat on over my pajamas and slip my tennis shoes on bare feet to pick him up. Then we needed to retrieve his car to tow it home late that night. We crawled into bed around midnight after having been up since 4 am. I don't function well like that! Early the next morning, we took his grandsons to a special event. Thoroughly exhausted, we crashed in bed wishing we could hibernate! That incident left us looking for another car to replace one with 200,000+ miles.

My mom has had problems with walking and severe back pain. This has caused her to rely on her power chair lately. Guess what? Yes, it's on the fritz now. The batteries ran for 7 years when they were only designed to last 5 years. Keep in mind that I am helping her with her needs even though she lives in senior independent living. Wrangling with Medicare hoops and the chair company will require a miracle for the replacement to pull together in a reasonable amount of time. God is still in the miracle business, so I am curious to see what miracle God does with that one.

Back to this Friday. I was already feeling overloaded by everyday stuff, upcoming deadlines, events to plan, and the prior issues, then the computer issue. I thought to myself, “Well, I'll tackle these issues after I have lunch with my hubby.” When I went out to my car to buy groceries and have our lunch date, my car tire was flat!  Was I ever ready to tear my hair out. The tears flowed as I began pouring out my woes to the Lord. It’s a good thing no one was around because they would have thought I was a crazy lady. I got out of my car, slammed the door, stomped up the steps, and went back inside my home. “Why? Why are we getting pummeled like this? GRRRR.” Some people would say that I had a faith issue.  Nope. It wasn’t a faith issue at all. It was overload. If it were a faith issue, I wouldn’t have bothered to talk to God; well, okay, fume at God. How can a person talk to Someone they don't believe in? Oftentimes, Christians don’t allow each other to be human. We all feel a connection to Job and King David in the Psalms, but we only accept that human-ness for ourselves. The truth of the matter is that we are allowed to be frustrated and angry. To deny reality makes us Pollyann-ish.

In my not so picture-perfect reality, I had to revise my day. You see, I am not able to change my tire due to the arthritis in my hands and the effects of fibromyalgia. I needed to wait for hubby to come home so we could handle my car issue. I decided to begin writing the old-school way- pen and paper. In the midst of doing research for an article due the end of the month I stumbled across Joshua 3 and 4.

At first my mind focused on the building of a monument from the rocks in the middle of the Jordan River at the feet of the Levite priests who held the Ark of the Covenant, the presence of God with Israel. That monument was to remind Israel of the amazing provision of the Promised Land by God. Yes, we should erect “monuments” of God’s work in our lives; however, something else stood out to me in this true account. The old crew of Israelites who crossed the Red Sea on dry ground to escape the Egyptians (Exodus 14) were all dead as was their original leader, Moses. Moses missed his opportunity to go into Canaan because he did his own thing out of anger instead of what God said (Numbers 20:1-13, 22-29). In fact, the rest of them also were not allowed in due to sin issues (Deuteronomy 1:26-46). The only ones left from the originals were Joshua and Caleb, and the children of these people. The adults in this group only heard of God delivering Israel from Egypt. They didn’t see it themselves. Joshua was lifted up as leader in their sight through this amazing crossing into the Promised Land. God purposely established his leadership with this event. 

The Jordan river was swollen with the spring thaw of snow from the mountains and rains. It was no tiny trickle! Instead, it was a mighty, roaring river. As soon as the priests’ feet hit the water, God piled up the water. They stood still in the middle as the people crossed. The heads of each tribe lost no time getting the rocks to build the monument as they were told. They did everything pronto,exactly as God said through Joshua. Once the last person was through and the Ark was out of the river, the river resumed it’s normal flow.

While you are scratching your heads wondering if I whacked my head hard on something, I would like to point some things out from this story:

  1. When God prepares us for something, He clears out old habits, notions, and other things that would hinder us from being effective in His work.
  2. Sin issues will surely block the way to being involved in God's amazing plan.
  3. The “exodus” of one chapter of life will not be fun nor easy, but He will be with us leading, guiding, and protecting us.
  4. Our desert experience is part of our training time for what He wants us to do.
  5. We need to do what He tells us to do when He tells us to do it- now, not when we feel like it.
  6. His mighty miracle crossing us into the next chapter of life is likely to make us wonder if we heard Him correctly because the way will seem impossible.
  7. We need to set up reminders of His mighty works in our lives when life gets tough, as He leads us to fulfill the call He has for us.
  8. When we get on the other side of His mighty work, we will have times that will cause us to question if we are on the right track, but we need to continue anyway.
  9. He will confirm to us that we are on the right track through His word, His activity, and His people.
  10. If we don’t trust Him and follow through as He says, we will plagued by tremendous opposition.

I decided to share my really bad week with you, not to garner sympathy, but to bring something valuable to you out of my mess  Maybe you've had a rough week, too. I realized that I had walked through the proverbial “waters of the Red Sea “on dry ground to follow a call from God to write after my first husband passed away. That chapter’s closing was very hard, more than I could possibly convey to you. I’ve been spending desert training time off and on as God has been shaping, molding, and clearing out things that would hinder me from following Him in this call. I’ve been erecting “monuments” along the way of God’s mighty works in my life through writing, by picking up the “rocks” of words in awestruck wonder at God's work. The stuff I’ve just walked through recently I could either allow the Enemy victory or I could look to see what the Lord is doing in the mess.Getting to the Jordan River experience and the Land of Promise experience is rich with problems. I have wondered why I am doing what I am doing; however, it means I'll need to go back to look at these monuments as a reminder of what God has done and said. I think God loops us back through these every once in a while because we need reminders. Reflecting on God’s Word during rough times brings a whole new perspective on a situation. Yes, these situations are clearing up one by one.

What about you? What is God up to in your life, your bad days? Are you in the “exodus” saying, “Why me? Get me out of here!” or are you in God's desert training program trying to figure out what’s up? Are you standing in jaw-dropping amazement of God’s might in the middle of  a raging river? How about on the other side anticipating what is ahead of you? Or are you encountering troubles because you made it through the river and you are questioning what in the world you are doing? The true stories in the Bible are intended for us to not only enjoy reading, but to help us recognize God at work in our lives and His invitation to work alongside of Him.  It helps us move forward in faithful obedience toward what God has in store for us. One horribly bad week can turn out to be an amazing work of God.

Again, thank you so much for your patience.This week will be odd, but we will get back to normal soon. May you see God's activity in and around your life-even in the messes! God bless you.

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