Stop it! You're Killing Your Efforts
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Stop it! You're Killing Your Efforts

Even the best-intentioned people with weight loss goals and some good know-how get stuck on a plateau. One or two weeks is normal, but if you stop losing and start gaining, you are probably sabotaging your weight loss efforts. It’s frustrating and even mind-boggling. After so many years of helping people lose weight and keep it off, I can tell you a lot! So, if you want to get back to losing, these are the things you need to stop doing:

  1. Grazing, even on healthy foods. Grazing can add up, even if it’s normally healthy and low calorie food. Keep track of what you eat and how much. It will help you keep your eating in check.
  2. Stressing about things you can’t change. Stressing over things you can’t control will increase your cortisol levels keeping your body prepared to fight or flee. Prayerfully give your stress over to the Lord and take charge of what you can change.
  3. Expecting liquids to be low to 0 calorie. The liquid diet mentality has caused people to believe they will lose weight if they drink their food. Drink plenty of water. 0 calories. Plain coffee or unsweetened tea. O calories. Almost everything else has a calorie value.
  4. Starving yourself. When you cut back too much on food intake or fast, your metabolism slows down. When done for too long, your body will begin burning muscle as fuel. Eat reasonable, healthy meals and keep track of what you eat.
  5. Following fad diets. Sure it works, for a while. Fad diets aren't sustainable. They usually cut out valuable nutrients and dieters feel deprived. When the diet is done, they go back to what they ate before, if they even finished it in the first place.
  6.  Doing only cardio.Cardio is a good fat burner, but most of those cardio rabbits you see working like crazy may be thin, but they are likely "skinny fat". These people burn muscle with this strategy. There are better ways of doing cardio, but definitely get your strength training, too.
  7. Cutting back on protein,  cutting out fats, dropping carbs. Most people who try to lose weight either cut out or cut back too far on one or two of these nutrients.You need them! It's important to know how much you really need by having a health and fitness professional help you figure that out. They can help you get what your really need without overeating or undereating.
  8. Playing with the scale to "fudge" numbers. Moving the dial on a mechanical scale or cheating the info on a digital scale is lying to yourself about the truth. You can't work with the wrong information.
  9. Doing HIIT classes too often. HIIT classes are a great way to melt the fat away, but doing more than two or three a wee is not recommended. You will burn muscle and feel workout burn out if you aren't an athlete. You also set yourself up for injury. Ditch the "inner athlete" mantra they pitch to you. Stick to two a week and vary your workouts other days.
  10. Cut back on sleep. Your body needs sleep. When you skimp by hitting the gym super early, leaving out an hour or two that you need, your body stores fat as a reserve for emergencies. 6-8 hours is what most people need.
  11. Make comparisons. Hating the cute, cut figures in class or around the gym makes you feel bad about yourself.They've worked hard to get what they are. Find out what they are doing and see if what they do would work for you. You are uniquely designed and so are they. They may become a good workout friend.
  12. Making up for pigging out. Eat too much on the weekend? Doing more or working harder in your workouts won't make up for your mistake. You will end up really sore and sorry. Stop pigging out on the weekend. Period.
  13. Working out on weight machines. If you keep doing machines all the time, your body no longer feels challenged. Trying full-body functional training or compounds will help. The more muscles you recruit for work, the more calories you burn. Free weights are better to do than machines if you know what you are doing.
  14. Targeting your weight too low. Sometimes people who want to lose weight don't know what a good target weight is for them. There are goal weight calculators online, but you need a health and fitness professional who can help you. Certain factors must be considered to help you have a healthy target. You also need to remember that muscle weighs twice as much as fat. You can be really lean and weigh more than your target weight.
  15. Drinking diet sodas and eating diet food. Diet food and drinks make up for flavor by adding other things to carry flavor. You can still take in too many calories while putting your health at risk. They are also highly processed, so you may not be getting the nutrition you need. Learn to eat healthy effectively.
  16. Relying on supplements to lose weight. Our bodies were designed to take in FOOD. Your body will rebel, causing you to crave food then binge. Only use supplements your doctor tells you that you need. Eat healthy foods for nutrition.
  17.  Follow the “calories in, calories out” crowd. Although calories count, it's important to understand the balance of carbs and protein as well as making sure you get the right combinations of foods for a healthy body.
  18. Hit your goal and stop working on it. Losing weight is work, but it takes continued discipline to maintain your new weight. One year of practicing good healthy living habits is necessary to maintain your new lifestyle.
  19. Work for a prize. Once you reach your goal weight and look great, the prize disappears. Then what? This is why I hate offering prizes to my clients! Instead, work for a healthier you. What would that look like for you and on you? Set up before and after shots. Clear out all but one of your "fat" outfits and set up an attractive wardrobe you will feel great wearing. Remind yourself where you were before every once in a while.
  20. Worry about setbacks. Know that set backs will happen and plan for them. Worry causes stress that causes stress eating and depression. Have a plan to get back on track ahead of time, then put it into practice.

Instead of killing yourself with your weight loss efforts, start living a healthy lifestyle. Bottom line. It will be work, but it will be well worth it. Healthy people love life, love themselves, love others, and love God. Your whole perspective will change as you feel better--healthy!

May God bless you!

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