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Recently, I entered a contest on Facebook about my "beauty regimen".  The next day, I was contacted from the contest sponsor that I won a full skincare set from a natural & sensitive skin care company.  Me?  I never win anything.  But I did this time.  Do you know how?  I told them that I avoid allergens, eat healthy, exercise and use sensitive skin care products.  That's all.  Evidently that was what the company was looking for. 

Beauty shows from the inside out.  So does ugliness. When we fill ourselves with junk--bad food, bad attitudes,and  false beliefs, it shows. We we take care of ourselves-- eat right, exercise, get enough sleep, focus on the positive and give God control, it shows. No skin cream can make negativity disappear from our faces. We are extremely transparent from the inside out.

One day at a gym where I worked, as I walked the floor talking with members, an older man struck up a conversation with me.  He insisted he was in the best health ever by claiming to eat healthy, exercise and on and on.  I was not convinced.  As he continued talking, I noticed that his eyes weren't clear; they didn't have the luster of healthy eyes. The lids were red on the edges. His skin reminded me of old men in bars who ate too many fried onion rings andgreasy burgers.  He claimed to eat well-marbled (i.e. fatty) meat, drank a beer or two and worked out twice a week.  He was not about to win any beauty pageant for older men! I don't think following his beauty plan would be helpful for anyone. Our appearance is a reflection our overall health.

Here are some ways that you can look and feel your best.


  •   Don't smoke. If we smoke, we age the skin rapidly. Besides, it can cause cancer.
  • Get 6-8 hours of restful sleep. If we try to get by on four hours of sleep, we begin to show our ages more quickly. Our bodies repair themselves when we sleep, so sleep.
  • Avoid alcoholic beverages. If we drink beer regularly, we get a gut that sticks out. Regular alcohol consumption taxes the liver. Really, it's unnecessary.
  • Eat lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and drink plenty of water. If we eat junk foods, our skin looks like a golf ball's surface.  We need the nutrients in good food.
  • Get at least 20 minutes of cardio 3 times a week and do weight training for the major muscle groups. If we don't exercise, we lose the luster in our hair and eyes, gain weight and get flabby.   

When we eat healthy and exercise, we appear younger than we are and more vibrantly than our counterparts.  Beauty is a reflection of our overall health.


  • Smile! People who smile have a natural facelift!  Think about it.  If people you know smile a lot, they don't appear older than what they are and sometimes not as old as they really are.  Smilers have an up-beat, can-do attitude.  They generate more endorphins, those feel-good hormones we all like.
  • Sigh when frustrated or upset. Sighing forces us to breathe, relaxing the muscles in our faces. Frowners and scowlers emanate old and grumpy, even if they aren't!  Some who look upset are actually in pain, so don't assume they are grumpy.  Any way you look at it, frowning and scowling causes age lines in the face.  Stress hormones surge through their veins causing damage over time.
  • Look for beauty around you.  When you reflect on a flower or a rainbow you saw earlier, you keep that feel good attitude with you through your day. 
  • Find joy in your relationships.  Avoid toxic, negative people who will only drain you.  Forgive more readily.  Assume the best of your spouse and kids. Your attitude will affect theirs.

Beautiful people find beauty around them all the time!


  • Give things over to God in prayer. People who pray and trust God with all things have less stress.  
  • Spend time in the Bible.  Right thinking makes for right attitudes.
  • Get involved in a healthy church. People who have a church home and consider the congregation their extended family have a fantastic support network rivaling group therapy!
  • Give time and talents through the ministry of the church or missions. Those who help others see God's love at work.  It is a tremendous mood lifter!

This doesn't mean bad things don't happen or there won't be stress.  You can deal with it better by giving everything over to the One who has all things in His Hands.  Trust God will take care of everything that stresses you like loss of a job, nasty coworkers, and the like.  Those who only trust in themselves have no way of handling things that get under their skin.  They don't have God taking care of them because they don't let Him.  Aging shows more on those who don't know God.

Beauty comes from deep within one's self emanating throughout the entire person. No skin cream, massage therapy or rapid fix can do that for you. Go!Be beautiful!

May God bless you!

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