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Home Workouts

I remember the days of working out to Richard Simons on t.v. as a young mom  while a baby crawled around me. It was challenging because the baby always wanted my attention.  I didn't understand enough about exercise to help myself get the most of my workouts either.  Does this sound like you?  You are not alone!  I have worked with people struggling to lose weight and get in shape at home only to give up in total exasperation.  Whether you are young or old, male or female, you can get the most of your home workouts. 

Workout DVDs, Television and Internet sites
The fitness industry expands beyond gym walls.  If you don't go to a gym, fitness at home via internet, dvd or t.v. is the most popular and most daunting option.  Here are some things that will help you get the most for little to no money out of pocket.

1. Set a regular time and stick to it.  If you do this, you will set a great habit up to succeed.

2. Dedicate space that is safe and functional. Dodging laundry baskets and furniture could cause an accident that would sideline you! Move things out of the way for the workout then put them back when you are done.

3. If you have young children, do it during nap time. Trying to workout with little ones tugging at your shirt will end your workout fast.  They don't understand your need, they only know their own.  You will be better able to meet your own needs in peace.

4. Preview the workout BEFORE attempting it. It is important to know what kind of workout you will be doing, seeing if it is reasonable for you to try, and knowing if there are any limiting factors will set you up to succeed. It is also easier to adjust up the level than it is to adjust down.

5. Try your local library for free videos. Some video rental places offer free workout video rentals. This lends itself well to variety.

5. Learn how to adjust the workout to fit your needs.  Not all dvd and internet workouts are beginner friendly!  If it is advanced and you are not, find something else.

6. Have equipment needed for the workout. Nothing is more frustrating than to get part way through a workout and realize you can't do something because you are missing equipment you need!

7. Don't skip the warm-up, cool-down or stretch. These parts are designed to help you avoid injury. They are a must-do!

All in One Equipment
Home gyms are quite popular.  However, they take up space, are a challenge to set up, and normally get set up in dark, dreary basements.  If you don't want to waste lots of $$$ and set it out for a yard sale in the spring, here are some tips to help you.

1. Put it in a user-friendly area of the house or spruce up the basement. If all you can think about is what needs done in this space, it is not a good location.  If you dread the workout because you hate the space, it is not a good location.

2. Learn how to use the equipment properly for best results. The videos for most equipment are usually wasted.  Hire a personal trainer for 2-6 sessions so you don't injure yourself.  One of the most difficult pieces of equipment for people to learn how to use safely are the Total Gym,TRX and kettlebells.  If you follow this suggestion, your investment will pay off in a very short time with long-term rewards.

3. Set up a training plan and stick to it. This is the greatest failure of most fitness and weight loss goals.  USE A PAPER CALENDAR!!! Very old-school, I know.  The visual reminder on your wall near your fridge is a great incentive to continue.

4. Keep children and pets clear of equipment for safety. Nothing is worse than a small child or pet getting caught between weight stacks on equipment.  Avoid a tragedy, please! Child safety gates are very helpful in your doorway to prevent this from happening.  Make sure kiddos are supervised during your workout.

5. Know how to get the results you want and compensate for injuries/limitations. What do you want to accomplish?  Write them down. Do you have a bad shoulder or knee? Knowing what to change or adjust can help restore function and reduce your pain.

Friends Fit Together
Accountability and support of friendsis a great and fun way to get fit.  There are some quirks, though that can sabotage even the best of intentions.  Here is how to avoid them.

1. Work out with friends of a similar fitness level. Nothing is more frustrating than to have a fitness fanatic friend cause you to feel guilty because you are a beginner.  Conversely, nothing is more frustrating than to play "trainer" to a friend and not get your own workout.

2. Don't play personal trainer to each other. There are legal implications to this and it can destroy a friendship.Husbands and wives are vulnerable to this.  Your hubby's workout may not work for you! Instead, encourage each other and nothing more.

3. Set up friendly competitions with an end date and non-food rewards. Keep it friendly!  Being a good sport if you lose and a good winner will help you both.

4. Hire a sitter together for your kids. Not having to worry if your child is up to something will free everyone up to enjoy the workout time together.

5. Chip in together for a personal trainer or exercise instructor to help you get going in the right direction. Maybe you are all struggling through a rut. Getting a group exercise plan you can all do and adjust will go a long way.  Besides it is cheaper per person this way.

Have a safe and valuable workout! God bless you!

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