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We've Moved!
From the Desk of Charlaine
Languishing on the Sand
End of Week Review 6/30/2017
The Well-ness of Christian Wellness

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My Blog

We've Moved!

Hey, in case you didn't know, we've moved to a new website with a tweaked name! Yes, we have an updated look to match what we do.Our new name is "Be Totally Fit for Life!"because there are other folks with the Totally Fit 4 Life name who would probably like it if there were no confusion for their people. So, check it all out as we set up housekeeping. All of our blog posts and other goodies we share are there. We still have a couple of things to finish, but it is up and running.

From the Desk of Charlaine

Hi, Totally Fit 4 Life Friend,
You've probably noticed some changes here, albeit a bit confusing. I was already working on the new website and fine-tuning our image in the background when this website builder went on strike. Since it was July 5th and I needed to get my blog post up, I put it on the new website and social media. This took place about 2 weeks earlier than I planned. It wasn't the nice, seamless move I wanted, but I hope you are pleased with the new website, name adjustment, and the fresher image.

Languishing on the Sand

See this post at our new website!

We spent the week in Florida one year and visited the beach at the end of Flagler Avenue in New Smyrna. The place was bustling with sunbathers since a lot of people travel just after Christmas. The beautiful waves lapped up onto shore, noisy yet peaceful. The gulls swooped down hoping for tasty ocean treats. Occasional broken shells adorned the shore line with names scratched in the sand, while footprints along the way for the waves to wash slowly with each one that came ashore.

End of Week Review 6/30/2017

It was 241 years ago, on July 4, 1776, the Second Continental Congress announced through theDeclaration of Independencethat the 13 American colonies no longer considered themselves under British rule.  Now, we have the United States of America, 50 states with 16 territories under a government of representation. We celebrate that independence today with fireworks (symbol of the gun and cannon fire of war for freedom), picnics and cookouts, baseball games, and parades. We also have the day off from work, for most people.

The Well-ness of Christian Wellness

It's amazing how quickly Christians are willing to embrace teachings from other religions and philosophies out in their communities. Themindfulness movementis one of those trends, a missionary effort of Buddhist gurus, like Yoga. Another is taking yoga or having Rieki massage for supposed health benefits. The deception is so subtle. While in Washington D.C., my husband and I were in thecafeteriain an underground tunnel between buildings before our tour of the Capitol building. Mindfulness was being promoted in the decorative signage.

Summer Beauty Begins with Healthy Hair, Skin, & Nails

It's shorts and tank top season, but is your beauty care right for summer? I was in the shower when I realized my face wash bottle was empty. I looked over my other products in the rack to see if anything else needed replaced. As I checked, the realization of how much my skin and hair care routine has changed over the years. I also considered how differently we need to care for our hair, skin, and nails in the summer versus winter.We can't treat them the same all year around.

Proper Care Begins on the Inside

End of Week Review 6/23/2017

I will keep this one short and sweet since my blogging week was short. We had a delay with our flight back home Wednesday from Washington D.C. due to an engine problem. The airline snagged another plane three hours later that came in from an international flight, getting us back home at 11:30 pm. My sweet hubby gets up before the crack of dawn around 4 am! I dragged myself out of bed at 9 am and savored my coffee to get my brain cells functioning. Oh, yes, we crawled in bed around 12:30-1 am, so you understand the struggle.

Char's Chicken Salad

I looked through Pinterest the other day and saw some great chicken salad recipes. Sadly, I can't have mayo because I'm allergic to egg. There must be some way I can have chicken or tuna salad that I can eat. So I pondered it for a while, then a light bulb moment happened: I can!  My solution is to substitute the mayo with plain yogurt. So my experiment began. Here is the final product:

I wanted it to be healthy and tasty, too.  It was awesome! Here is the recipe:


1- 5 oz.

United or Divided: Will We Stand?

We visited the Lincoln Memorial on a sweltering 98 degree day. The sun showed no mercy to tourists plodding along the Mall. All the benches in the shade were taken by the Korean and Vietnam Memorials, so guess where most people took shelter in the shade? On the marble steps of the Lincoln Memorial where shade showed mercy to us. As we basked in the cooler shade looking through the memorial dedicated to the man who helped begin the journey of freedom of African-Americans from the bondage of slavery, we took the time to read some of words carved into the walls.

Put Your Environment to Work for Your Workout

My hubby and I just got back from Washington, D.C. last night from our anniversary trip. I always try to bring you tidbits I learn while I'm away. This time, its my observations of how people stay thinner in an urban setting in their day-to-day living and how you can put this information to work for you where you live. It also gives me a chance to share a bit about my trip with you in that context.Photo mine of Capitol Dome through glass skylight above Capitol Visitors Center.

Active Transportation and Fitness
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