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There are affordable options for your budget.  For more information,  email me. 

Several services are available:

PraiseMoves Online Classes
Take PraiseMoves classes in the privacy of your own home. Beginning in July, sample PraiseMoves for FREE! In the Fall, classes will be $5 each or $20 per month. Watch for more information.

One on one exercise programming and motivation online or in-home/office.

Personal training, fitness

Need help on your weight loss journey? We're here to help.

Option 1: Grocery Cart Makeover- get help wise food choices to stock your pantry.

Option 2: Personal Coaching- get individualized guidance making lifestyles changes for a new you!

weight loss, exercise

Looking for group support while learning to make a valuable lifestyle change? This option is for those who want weekly group sessions, guidance, and encouragement. This group is an affordable alternative to personal wellness coaching. Individual or couple option is also available.

Weight loss support
And More!

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