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Totally Fit 4 Life - Being transformed into the image of Christ mind, body & spirit.

My Journey

I've been a Christian since I was 26 years old. Realizing my need for a Savior I had to make a choice. I really wanted to belong to Jesus, so I prayed to accept Him as my Savior and Lord. I started attending church as a teenager and have continued ever since. My relationship with Christ continues to grow. Over the years, I have taught Sunday School classes and Bible studies and was the volunteer Christian Education Director in a church where my late husband was a pastor.

weight loss, valueI was once overweight, out of shape, and very unhealthy. At that time, my children were young and I spent my time taking care of my family, cleaning, cooking, and eating very poorly.  My weight rose from 110 to 140 pounds, taking me to size large (14-16, at that time) from the smalls (5-7 juniors, at that time) I had been wearing. My younger brother saw me one day and asked me if I was pregnant again! OH, NO!  At one point, my weight was 150 pounds. Before, in 1996-- 140# and wore a size 10-12 in current sizes.

One day, I saw an article in the newspaper about a Christian karate class at a local church.  My son had ADD/HD, so it was recommended to us that he get involved in martial arts to help him focus his attention. When I signed him up for the class, the instructor invited my whole family to participate by donation. I couldn't do a push-up or a sit-up and got winded very easily. It was the beginning of becoming healthy for me, as well as a start to my health and fitness career. My late husband and I founded Faith Fighters for Christ once we became instructors, and built our own martial arts system. 

Now I eat healthy foods and exercise. There are challenges I face, though, with fibromyalgia, celiac and food allergies.Most of what I eat I make myself. My health benefits tremendously since very little is processed and most organic. I exercise regularly through cardio and weights, functional training, PraiseMoves, swimming, and bicycling. I feel great today.

exercise, ifitnessI am a nationally-accredited, certified health and fitness professional with 25+ years experience in gyms and churches through a variety of exercise forms: martial arts, water aerobics, Arthritis Foundation water exercise, swimming, personal training, and land group exercise classes. My education consists of a Bachelors Degree in Management with an emphasis in Exercise Science and Christian Ministry from Malone University (formerly Malone College). I am certified through NETA as a personal and group exercise instructor.  I am also certified to teach PraiseMoves, the Christian Alternative to Yoga. My background is in many areas of health and fitness through continuing education. Christian ministry is everything I do. My work is my ministry and my ministry is my work!
Today, 115# size 4.

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