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Media and Special Events

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Special event planners and media information for you available here. Please, be patient while we construct this landing page designed for you!

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Event Planners' Kits

I am available to speak within the U.S.A. on a number of topics. Some examples are on the Writer/Speaker page. I can work with churches and organizations of all sizes and budgets.  We can tailor a program to your group's needs. You may contact me at for my Speaker Information Sheet and promotional photo. No one will pester you. You decide when to make contact.

If you would like a Healthy focus group for your church, but the licensing isn't ready yet, we can work with you. This church-based program is being fine-tuned right now to provide the best experience for your members, regular attendees, and community as possible. A Word.doc is in-process to help you know what you would need to offer this focus group at your church during the church licensing development phase.

A Healthy Lifestyles presentation will also be made available. I will attach a Word.doc to help you present this focus group to your church.

Be Totally Fit 4 Life! Christian Health, Fitness, and Wellness Fair

The Be Totally Fit 4 Life! Christian Health, Fitness, and Wellness Fair is a great kick-off for your Healthy focus groups or as a stand-alone event. are in process to help you have smooth sailing for your event.

Media Kit

Press Release for Charlaine Martin,
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Press Release for Healthy Lifestyles Focus Groups
Available now.

Press Release for Christian Health, Fitness, and Wellness Fair
Available now.

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Be Totally Fit 4 Life! Health and Wellness Fair
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