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Healthy Lifestyle Groups

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Reclaim your health without losing your faith! Healthy Lifestyle groups provide guidance, direction, support and encouragement to you as you learn to see yourself as God sees you. Participants learn how to balance all aspects of a person: emotional/mental, physical, social, and spiritual. We have this one body to honor the Lord and serve Him!

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You may not be a "number on the scale", but those numbers are helpful tools! It's not just about weight loss, it's about total health.

For this group, you will need a scale that measures weight, body fat %, lean body mass, hydration. You will also need a tape measure. I will personally walk you through gathering this information each week.

Healthy Lifestyles groups are led through Skype and Facebook groups for discussions. Videos for weekly viewing in your own home will be made available. Groups run 12 weeks. Jesus is our focus as we support and encourage each other toward lifestyle change.Your initial assessment and weekly weight and measurements are done privately, away from group sessions.You are led through this information to help you set realistic goals and encourage you toward healthy Christian living.

You can have your own personal Healthy Lifestyles One-on-One 12 weeks.  Schedule yours with a friend during lunch! Create your own group.

Live Groups are meeting now.

Online Groups will be limited to 8 members each. Connect with Totally Fit 4 Life on Facebook.  A Healthy Lifestyle Journal with online video sessions will be used to guide you on your journey. A link will be sent to your inbox each week. What you will receive:

  1. Links to video lessons
  2. Facebook closed groups
  3. Material downloads for your personal use. You may copy as needed only for your personal use. Copyright laws apply.
  4. Encouragement and support.
  5. Acceptance and uplifting messages.
  6. You may print only what you need for the 12 weeks. Each week, you will receive your new download.  
  7. Optional purchase: kit: tape measure, exercise bands, food scales.

See what people are saying about Healthy Lifestyles:

The Healthy Lifestyles program is invaluable! I have been nourished with God’s word while learning real and practical strategies for healthy diet and exercise. I have been set solidly on the path toward lifelong health.
                                                                                       Lynn B, Michigan

"A Well thought-out program with a wealth of information. Charlaine is a compassionate leader who speaks from her own experience."
Suzanne S. Imlay City, MI

Still in the works. Watch for updates: Churches will also be able to offer these groups! Church licensing and group leader training will be made available for an affordable price. Downloads for leaders and group members are included in the agreement. Group members pay only for extras such as books (when they become available) activity trackers, food and exercise kits. Members will have access to weekly group lessons, but your church will be there to support, support, lead, and minister to them. Ask me how! offering is currently under construction.

Healthy Lifestyle Group
12 week group course includes journal download.
Price: $50.00
with journal download:
Optional Weight Loss Kit
Food scale, tape measure, exercise bands, and tote. Actual components may vary in color or style based on supplier.
Price: $50.00
Personal Healthy Lifestyles One-on-One
The same as a group, except it is a one-on-one session for 12 weeks. This option is great for people who need more guidance and personal helps. See Personal Coaching for this plus added services.
Price: $75.00
Personal Healthy Lifestyles-2 Friends
Same as Personal Healthy Lifestyles. Split the cost with a friend!
Price: $140.00
Bridal Party Healthy Lifestyles
Get ready for your big day! A wedding party of 4 can take Healthy Lifestyles for a special price. Normally $75 per person, but save $100 to use for your honeymoon.
Price: $200.00

* Pastor's family discount available, just ask.

Don't miss your opportunity for permanent life change.

Find refreshment for your journey!

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