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Weight loss, flexibility, exerciseWelcome! Here at Totally Fit 4 Life, we believe each person has the ability to make positive lifestyle changes by developing a new outlook on life, health, weight loss, and self-image. Our focus is to provide Christ-centered ministry and services to each person for healthy Christian living and wellness. We are all on a journey to total health.

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Look around. You will find blog posts, helps, and fitness and weight loss services here. If you have comments or questions, please feel free to contact us for more information.

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*Special Note: Consult your medical provider before engaging in any new exercise or weight loss program.

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Strong Shoulders, Strong Body

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Summer and tank top season will soon be upon us. So will weddings. This means a lot of shoulders will be seen. Does that make you cringe? If so, you might be considering exercises to make your shoulders look nice. What if I told you that you can have better than nice? There is far more to consider than simply being physically attractive. Read more...

Living out the BibleSeveral years ago, a church I attended ran a campaign to encourage to invite people to church. They hosted Invite a Friend Sunday which drew a few visitors to come at the invitation of members. That effort didn't seem to be enough, so church leaders decided to give prizes to those bringing friends to church. It was tacky, but more visitors came. This crazy church marketing scheme made me wonder how visitors felt when they discovered their friends and family members were getting a reward to bring them in.  Read more...

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