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Weight loss, flexibility, exerciseWelcome! Here at Totally Fit 4 Life, we believe each person has the ability to make positive lifestyle changes by developing a new outlook on life, health, weight loss, and self-image. Our focus is to provide Christ-centered ministry and services to each person for healthy Christian living and wellness.
We are all on a journey to total health.

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*Special Note: Consult your medical provider before engaging in any new exercise or weight loss program.

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We've been building our house ourselves. There have been contractors who did work for us in the past, but you can tell the type of work they do. Some of it was so bad, my husband had to tear some of it out and re-do it. Others were dishonest by trying to hedge in future work. One contractor loaded a bunch of drywall into our upstairs after my hubby told him he would have someone else doing drywall later down the road.  Read more...

Living out the BibleWhen I was in Estes Park, I wanted to visit a relative and her kids about an hour's drive away. I set my GPS phone app and drove off. Interestingly, it said there may be gravel roads on my route. That was an understatement! It was a dirt road with a little bit of gravel that twisted and wound up the mountain with sharp drops and no guard rail, then ended a hiking trail. Not only that, I no longer had a cell signal to re-route myself. Read more...

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